Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday Service Marsden Road Uniting Church 24 November 2013


Call to Worship

"Ldr. Strength through vulnerability. Peace through pain.

 All. Jesus is the image of the unseen God.

 Ldr. Justice through questioning. Light through darkness.

 All. Jesus is the image of the unseen God.

 Ldr. Courage through truth. Love through reconciliation.

 All. Jesus is the image of the unseen God."

                                            Ruth Burgess, "Candles and Conifers", Wild  Goose Publications.

Hymn TIS 216 "Rejoice the Lord is King" A celebration of the greatness of our God. Believe it and rejoice!

Opening Prayer A plea that we will see the truth and be open to God's vision.

Prayer of Confession

"With humble hearts, trusting in grace, let us confess our sins before God and one another:"

This was an interactive prayer asking for forgiveness for our lack of discipleship, for not showing God's love, for not listening to Him, for trying to run our own show, and for using God's work for our own ends.

For this we asked forgiveness.

Assurance of Forgiveness

We hope for forgiveness and we are certain of forgiveness. "We have been rescued from the power of darkness".

"Know that you are forgiven, and be at peace." Thanks be to God.


Hymn TIS 28 "God is our strength and refuge" A declaration of our faith in God as the answer to anything life can turn up. Sit still and listen.

Scripture Reading: The readings today were delivered by Pat. Jeremiah 23: 1 - 16. Harsh warnings for those who lead God's people astray. And the promise of a true leader.

Colossians 1: 11 - 20. The word that the promise from Jeremiah has been fulfilled and praise for Him who has fulfilled the promise.

Luke 23: 33 - 43 The Crucifixion: the deriding of Christ by the soldiers and the insight of Jesus' fellow condemned that He is God. Look closely. Which are we - really?

Reflection Unfortunately, I was unable to attend today's service so what follows is my attempt to summarise Chris' notes.

Chris pointed out that today marks the end of the church calendar with Reign of Christ Sunday. We have been led by the seasons through the life, death, resurrection and ministry of Jesus. The relevance of this has been that we have learned as disciples of Jesus, to live our lives like Him.

Today's passages focus on a. From judgment to promise: b. Description of situation to its solution: c. From what people have messed up to what God is still able and willing to accomplish.

In each passage is the same idea of an ending and a new beginning; a new possibility beyond our past and our present, each speaking of reconciliation in a restored relationship.

This Sunday used to be called Christ the King Sunday but the connotations earthly kings and queens throw up do not fit with the image of Jesus' sovereignty. Jesus is close to us and involved in our lives. He lived simply and was/is not cut off from the people.

He was chosen as king because of his ability to relate to the people (today, us). He stood for a different way of being valued to the point of giving His life.

"To celebrate the Reign of Jesus...let that rhythm of life we have encountered beating through the scriptures and beating vibrantly in the life of Jesus, beat boldly in our hearts.


Hymn Sans2 "The Life of Jesus"  (George Stuart) A song of the example Jesus set, showing us how to live our lives. We have all heard it said, "God is love" and Jesus showed us how that love works in this world.

The Offering and Prayers for the People were expressions of the obedience of the congregation to live as Jesus did.

Go Forth

Hymn TIS 547 "Be Thou my Vision" A plea that God's way will inform everything we do, so that we will show His love to the world.

Sending Forth (interactive)

"Ldr. Our God reigns.                                    All. Our God reigns.

Ldr  Our God believes in us.                         All. Our God believes in us.

Ldr. Our God loves us.                                  All. Our God loves us.

Ldr. Our God sends us.                                 All. Our God sends us.

Ldr. Our God blesses this world through us. All. Our God blesses this world through us.

Ldr. Our God reigns.                                      All. Our God reigns.         Amen.

Hymn TIS 779. 

"May the feet of God walk with you and His hand hold you tight.

May the eye of God rest on you, and His ear hear your cry.

May the smile of God be for you, and His breath give you life.

May the Child of God grow in you, and His love bring you home." Amen.

Aubrey Podrich















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