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Sunday Service Marsden Road Uniting Church 13 September 2015

Welcome Today's service focussed on the children who had been baptized during the last few years at MRUC and how they were welcome, not just today but every day within the congregation. Jan had designed a service to accommodate their inner needs and to speak to them as growing people. In doing so she also delivered a message that spoke strongly to all members of the congregation.

Call to worship

The heavens are telling the glory of God

And the firmament proclaims Gods handiwork.

Yet their voice goes out through all the earth

And their words to the end of the world. Psalm 19

My mind ran on, thinking about the joy brought to parents, grandparents and all who meet the lovely young creations of our God who were the centre of attention in today's service. The liveliness in their very being and the hope they bring for the future lifted us all to another plane.

Hymn TIS 156 Morning has broken Praise to God for his enlivening presence amongst us, especially noticeable at the beginning of the day.

Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving

Another way of praising God. Sometimes we are very aware of the great blessings God showers upon us but forget to give thanks. A huge temptation is to think the wonderful gifts offered to us are a matter of 'nature' or that we deserve them. Nup! Say "thank you" for God's loving generosity to us

Prayer of Confession and Words of assurance

If we are sorry and admit that we have crossed the line and then ask for forgiveness, it is ours. It's that complicated (or that simple).

Remembering our Baptism

A DVD Clip from Vicar of Dibley. Series 3 Spring episode Scene The Christening

Was your baptism like this? You may not even remember it if you were a baby.

What did we do? Jan led the parents and children who had been baptized at MRUC through the Baptismal liturgy, reminding them (and all of us) of the commitment we all have made.

She also reminded us all of Gods love and grace for us in Jesus, thats with us every day and gave out little cards and a token for each child.

Song God Gives Bk 1 No 4 The Butterfly Song' a song to thank God for making me "me". We all have good stuff going for us and we should be thankful for those gifts and talents we have and not be bothered about the ones other people have.

Bible Reading  Alan brought us the readings: Psalm 19:7-10. Following on from the "Call to Worship" we hear of God's laws and wisdom on which we should not try to 'improve'. Say after me: "I am not wiser than God."

Ephesians 6:10-20. Using the battle uniform of a Roman soldier as a metaphor, Paul tells us to be strong in God's power. To be true and to be righteous. To tell out the Gospel of Peace, keeping true to our faith in Jesus who has shown us the way to salvation


Talk/reflection - Staying strong for Jesus with power point slides and Roman soldier costume. Oliver helped Jan display the soldier's protective battle gear, as she led us through the Ephesian's reading, encouraging us to take the words to our hearts and build our lives on the message they brought us. The belt of truth that holds everything in our lives together. To this we add the breastplate of righteousness so that we can believe in
ourselves. We need the shoes so that we are ready to run to spread the good news. The shield of faith is so important to protect us from any harm which might come to us from things around us and the helmet is needed to protect our knowledge of God as is the Sword of the Spirit that leads us in the right way. And finally - we must pray, trusting in Jesus to be with us every step of the way. 

Song- God Gives Bk 1 No 16 Put on love everyday A very practical message to us all, to make carrying love with us each day as routine as putting on our jumper or other item of clothing. The other side of the message was to let that love show

Musical interlude for private prayer and contemplation.

Prayers of Intercession- Jan prayed for needs of the church, the congregation and the world after which we joined together in The Lords Prayer

Hymn TIS 491 Father welcomes all his children Our Father welcomes us each day anew and each day anew we have a responsibility to remember our commitment and what that means in a practical way in our daily dealings.

Blessing The blessing of God the Creator, redeemer and life giving Spirit, be  with you now and always



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