Friday, 8 December 2017

Sunday Service Marsden Road Uniting Church 3 December 2017

These words called us to worship

The day foretold is coming.

When our tired eyes will behold a fire, a blazing star in the eastern sky!

The one foretold is coming.

Whose light will shine through the deepest gloom.

The day is at hand!

Your redemption is drawing near!


The service kept close to the idea of an illuminating presence among us. The lighting

of the First Advent Candle gave a visual manifestation of that and the hymns we sang

throughout the service:

“God of mercy, God of grace show the brightness of your face”
 “Light one candle for hope”

 “Father, we give you thanks,”

“There’s a light upon the mountain”

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

 “Shalom to you”

all spoke of God's enlivening power in our lives which brings enlightenment to our hearts and souls.  This enlightenment points to what can be, and carries with it the hope for all that is good…… a salve to a hurting inner being, bringing healing.

With this comes JOY!

But that joy can be compromised because we lack the courage to act according to that enlightenment, and so we call on God to make our confession of failing to live to the full.


          Loving Creator, you call us to hope in your salvation, and rejoice in your promise of the birth that is to come, but we are afraid.
You invite us into a world where justice and righteousness prevail, but we turn away in fear.

We long for an easy path into your promised world, but you warn us that there is no easy way.

Birth new life within us, Holy Midwife, that we may abide in hope, and in your perfect love — the love that casts out fear.

And because of God’s great mercy, we can be assured of forgiveness and

restoration of our relationship with our Lord.


Declaration of Forgiveness

God’s mercy and steadfast love endure, strengthening our hearts and overcoming our fears. God will remove every obstacle that keeps us from being the body of Christ.

Thanks, be to God! Amen

And with assurance comes Peace which we can share with each other.


The service of Communion impressed upon us the reason that we are able to call

on God for restoration of our relationship. God’s generosity in sending his message

through Jesus of  Nazareth, who, in the face of death, did not turn aside from God’s

will. We can do nothing to restore ourselves: only God’s merciful action in our lives

can do that.


The Rev. John spoke of the hope that we wait for and reminded us of the various

things we wait for, none of which compares with the hope we wait for which came

with the birth of Jesus.

The earthly things we wait for bring passing satisfaction. Sometimes, we realise, that

having waited, we were wasting our emotional energy. But the joy that God can give,

which was embodied in Jesus, brings sure, lasting, peace and joy. That peace and joy

are the result of our being brought into the light out of the darkness we were living in.

Rev. John then alerted us to the task that comes with the coming of the light. We may

not sit passively waiting for something to happen but be alert and embrace the gift

which is offered. Then we must radiate that light into the world.

Rev. John finished with these words:

The sense of darkness and despair leads to ennui, to inaction, to paralysis. The reality of Advent, however, is the admonition to be on guard, be awake, be alert. God has chosen to need us to make God’s love, presence, compassion, and power tangible. We cannot afford to be sleepwalkers. Time is too precious; God’s people are too precious! Our lives are meant to make a difference in God’s world, no matter how small that difference may seem to each of us. Maranatha! The Lord is coming.


At Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ coming into this world to spread the message of

enlightenment and the love which accompanies it. We are commissioned to pass on

this message and the promise of the joy it can bring. And so:



Go into the world awake to the signs of God’s invitations to new life. Know that the reign of Christ draws nearer with each right action we choose.

And the blessing of God almighty, Creator, Redeemer and Giver of life be with you always.  Amen

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